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Brian Padwick


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For the last 12 years I collect,  sell & promote craft from Southern Africa, itís my job, my passion, itís my life. The 40 artistes with whom I work are friends, they live in Namibia, Congo, Zambia, Botswana & Zimbabwe. Each one specializes in a certain material and a certain art style. Brena makes painted dishes with African Teak, Farai carves abstract elephants out of a stone called Rapoko, Irene paints scenes with African characters in a colorful & fantasy style. Sometimes people ask me if I am part of the fair trade system, I donít know if I really understand the concept, I work with people I like and respect, for me itís obvious that all sustainable & durable trade has to benefit all parties. We are partners fascinated by the world of art, who share the same love for beauty & creation, our exchanges and trust make us grow & strengthen us constantly. Agreeing on prices is the easiest and the less interesting part of my work, to evaluate the artistic value of a creation, to try to understand the meaning and the idea that defines it is much more complex, itís in those moments that I learn the most and become the most aware of the intensity of creation that animates artists.
Several times per year I load my truck with my travel & exploration equipment as well as the list of car parts, solar equipment, tools and other requests from the friends I will visit and I go through a circuit of meetings & art collection which spans several countries. I stay with the artists I work with & their families and we dwell in African art.

Once back in Namibia I display the art on this website and in my gallery. Many items are unique, others can be commissioned & produced in a certain quantity, the people I work with do not produce in big volumes,  sometimes when I ask an artist why he hasnít made those beautiful wood boxes or these stone giraffes, he simply answers that he got tired of making them and has started working on something else. I am happy to showcase the art of this part of Africa
that I belong to, and to sell these items to private buyers as well as shops who intend to resell to their own customers. And now, click on one of the links above and enjoy the visitÖ